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Memorial Day Plans

*Updated Information

Alright so on this three day weekend I pretty much talked my boyfriend into doing various activities. One of these is to have a picnic on the national mall (romantic right?) Well not if it’s going to rain and be cold all weekend! Ugh..what kind of spring is this anyways?

Okay so during the week I was researching food that I can make that doesn’t take up much time. I’ve narrowed it down to a couple things (mainly ones that I found on pinterest 🙂


-Frozen Grapes

-Mozzarella stuffed turkey burgers

-Some random dessert (I’ll figure this one out later)

Now I’ve never actually made stuffed turkey burgers so I really don’t know how it will come out. I have to time the preparation right though so that the burgers are not cold by the time we get there and the grapes do not thaw out. Hmm…this is going to take more planning than I thought.

*I am now an expert at making these stuffed Turkey Burgers! I simply cut mozzarella into small squares and stuff them into the meat once I’ve formed them into patties. I cook them on low-med.

And about this guacamole…I’ve had people tell me that the best way to keep guac green is to keep the big round seeds in it after you prepare it, but I’ve done this twice now and it still turns brown. Am I missing something? I’m going to try it again and see how it comes out.

In the meantime, I’m going to attempt this recipe for turkey burgers and I’ll give an update of how it went. *Crossing Fingers*

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