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Thank you Pinspiration

Before I went to bed last night I had set in my mind that I would get up early and go to the gym.   However, once I did wake up, my mind started finding any excuse not to go. They say that it’s best to get up and start working out before your mind realizes what is happening. I failed on that this morning. While I was thinking of more reasons to not get out of my cozy bed I started to remember my wonderful love for pinterest. Ah yes… My workout board is full of pins that I can simply do at home. whew! What a relief! So, right after my Special K vanilla almond cereal I’ll grab my body ball (just bought one at wal-mart), hook my laptop up to the TV and begin one of the 20-30 min legs and core workouts. Thanks to pinterest I can still get my fitness on when I’m not motivated to go to the gym. 🙂

Having the same issues? Visit the link below to get started on your own fitness pinspiration–Equipment-Workout-25524785

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