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Spring Forward

Wow! So I finally did it. I disciplined myself enough to write my first post after 3 years. I feel like I need to do a quick update on my life for the last three years…

I started a new job, one of those analysts I talked about in my welcome. I bought a new car. Technically the first car I’ve ever bought for myself. Man was that a pain! I moved closer to the city. No car needed now! Hello Uber and metro! OH! and… wait for it…I got married!!!!!! Whhaaatttttttt?? Never have I ever imagined me walking down the aisle. I mean, I love my husband, but I’m one of those “let’s just live life” kind of girls(aka…beer fest!). But he made an honest woman out of me (lol, I hear that’s the thing to say)

So I spent a year of wedding planning (I’ll link pictures to the wedding soon) and now that it’s over I’ve been  feeling empty. Like something is missing. I’ve  found myself at Michaels all over again; browsing the wedding section and exploring pinterest pins looking at wedding dresses. I felt something was wrong. Like there was a part of my life that was ripped from me and it only took 10 hours. You ever heard people say “take a minute to yourself because your wedding day goes so fast? Man were they serious. It’s like, I spent 11 months planning for this amazing day and then it was gone. I wish I could go back. Take more time. Granted I WAS sick on that day. But even though I was sick, I felt like I was on cloud nine. Or #onclouddenny according to our hashtag. So clever! 😉

Moving on…I also turned 30 recently. YAY! The big 3.0! Doesn’t really feel any diiferent. I mean except the fact that I’m almost positive I have arthritis in my knees and I take a women’s one a day. :/ Blah! My 30th celebration was pretty awesome. Initially I wanted to do it big and go to Puerto Rico, but since I did that for my bachelorette I figured I’d do something low key. My dad loves loves loves throwing parties. So I asked him to throw me a “Roaring 20’s, GOODBYE TO MY 20’S” party. Wanna see pics?

So that’s my crazy framily. Yes, I said framily. Friends and family.  They’re so great and they made my 30th amazing!

I think the most important thing in my life right now is my decision to take a different career  path. Before I continue, let me just say that I  am so completely in love with my company. They are my family. If I could, I’d stay with them for life. With that said, I think it’s time for me to explore my passion. Nothing full time. Right now I’m testing the waters. I currently take online classes to become certified in event planning! This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. In college I got a job as the campus program manager for women’s issues. After college I got a job in a restaurant and loved being the reservation coordinator. Once I got my “big girl” job I often planned retirements, luncheons, office parties etc. So finally I decided to pursue this in hopes of one day having my own event planning business! I’m hoping that anyone reading this will help keep me encouraged on my new life journey. I have a very supportive husband, solid family and amazing friends all in my corner. What could go wrong? *crossing fingers*

So thanks for reading my first post in three years. I’m making the promise to myself to stay active and up to date. Hold me accountable! See ya!




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