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Challenging Yourself

Hello blog world. In my last post I mentioned how I was embarking on a new journey into event planning. That means eventually I want to own my own company and be its CEO. I came across this blogger who I find very inspiring. Her blog is titled “The Daily Femme”.  I’m currently taking her 11 day challenge of “11 habits of successful women”. Might as well get in the habits now right? Possibly make my journey a tad easier? I guess we’ll see.

So my first goal is to make some time for myself. It’s kind of crazy because I felt like I was already doing that. Then I stopped and thought…well…what do I do exactly that’s completely alone where I can clear my head or just let it run wild if it wants? Every now and again I get a pedicure. That’s maybe once every two months. Does that count? The last year and a half has been a blur. Non-stop almost every day. If it wasn’t wedding stuff, it was family, keeping up with friends, connecting with the new husband…etc. I’m sure we all go through it. But the Daily Femme may be on to something here. We really do need to take time for ourselves. Be passionate about what makes us happy. In the last few weeks I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve had so many ideas and thoughts and dreams about what I want my future to look like. It’s like becoming 30 helped me walk over a threshold of a deeper understanding of what life is all about. Six years ago I remember having a talk with one of my older brothers. He was 30 at the time. I was joking around with him being “old” (I was only 24 then). He laughed and then said “life doesn’t really start until you’re 30”. He felt like he was finally in his prime. I obviously didn’t feel it or understand it fully until now, but I do know that I’m finally passed the “what am I going to do with my life” and the “let’s get wasted” stages. It’s now, “I see what I want, how am I going to get there?”. Experiences and friendships and family mean more to me now. Yesterday I had a conversation with my best friend and she told me that our friendship was changing. Naturally I thought she was breaking up with me. But then she clarified and said that our friendship was maturing. After thinking about this for awhile I realized that she was right. She’s been with me on my journey for 13 years. Seen my ups and downs, my faults, my good times. Now we’re still walking side by side, but on a higher level. Fascinating transition!

For my first 11 day habit challenge (after I finish the laundry and dishes of course), I’m heading out alone. Wait, no not alone. I’m heading out with myself. Maybe I’ll go get that pedicure. Or sit and read in the park. Or (if it’s too chilly – this VA weather is crazy) read at a café. Either way, today I’m taking a little bit of time for myself.

Also, I just started this 45 day get stronger challenge on the Nike Training App. Today is day 4. Wish me luck!


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