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New Nail Venture/Big Announcement Coming Soon!

Hi guys! Man oh man have I had a crazy two weeks. First I want to apologize for having to put my Tuesday tips on pause. A lot happened and I will be making a few announcements in upcoming posts. I will be continuing my Tuesday tips throughout the month of August. But for now, I wanted to post some pictures of my latest nail ventures. More later…

Thanks for stopping by!


Nail designers! Have you seen that new craze of the pointy nails with the flat tops? I attempted to create it…


It took some time to get the shape right. I had to tweak it a few times. This is what I ended up painting…


Pretty sweet! Glitter is my favorite color!

But then I started to notice a crack forming in one of my nails. I didn’t want to cut all of them so I attempted my first ever repair. I read on pinterest that you can use a tea bag. I cut a square, placed it on my nail, painted a clear top coat over it and then the actual color. I think it came out nice! So far it’s holding strong. I’ll keep you updated!


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