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Unscheduled Post – Have you found your beautiful today?

So I didn’t plan this post, but as I was going through my day today I couldn’t help but see so many beautiful things around me and I had to share. On my lunch break from my day job I took a walk to the capital complex to sit and read on a bench overlooking the lawn….what I saw was beauty everywhere. Not just in the scenery (but let’s be honest, it was gorgeous)  but in the people. The groups of friend’s catching up and taking pictures; the two girlfriend’s sharing stories; the cars riding by two or three times because they’re lost lol. It just opened my eyes to being receptive to all things beautiful. The rest of my day was perfect. Riding home with the windows down, taking in the community around me. It’s so easy to get lost in our day to day lives; someone pisses us off at work, we’re drowning in the responsibilites that come every month, our SO is getting on our nerves…. it’s almost second nature to be stressed out! The bigger challenge is listening and seeing the beauty around us. This morning I heard two co-workers arguing, later in the afternoon I heard them apologizing. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ! My purpose of this post is this…have you found your beautiful today? This week? Try it. Just sit and watch with an open heart and a clear mind.

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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