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Why I Wear Make-Up

Hi guys – let’s talk makeup!



I started drafting this post almost two months ago and I’m coming around to it again in hopes that I get it right this time. I originally wanted to write a makeup piece because I’m IN LOVE with doing makeup and creating a beautiful flawless face. I had this half a page write-up about when I started wearing and why etc etc. I never published the piece though. I guess because a part of me wasn’t really satisfied with it. A few weeks after I had my draft I saw this article on snap-chat (yes, snap-chat has some really great reads). It was a Cosmopolitan piece that was originally called “Can Makeup Make you Better at Work?” I don’t have the article in front of me so I can’t speak to it verbatim (I did however take notes) but it was the account of a woman who recently landed a promotion and though she knew she got the job on her own merits, she realized that by “putting on her face” she commanded attention and her makeup acted as an armour. It eventually became essential to her and she wouldn’t even face her team without a made up face. Makeup isn’t going to help you get that new job or grab that promotion, but I agree with the writer when she explains that it helps you tap into your “executive presence”. This article made me put off my own blog a little longer as I pondered my own reasons for wearing makeup. I too went to work a few days with a full face and a few days (including today) makeup free. As I’m sitting here in a completely professional dress with jet black tights and mid-calf boots, there is something that just seems off. My confidence isn’t as high and even though it could be completely in my own head, my presence isn’t as demanding. And to me that’s what matters the most, what’s in your own head. Are my coworkers thinking that I overslept and look a hot mess? Probably not. But do I feel like I’m not all put together? Absolutely! Reuters did an interview with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and she stated that even she uses a makeup artist. Who would think that Angela Merkel has time to think about makeup?

I know right now there is someone reading this that completely disagrees and I have to say…I’m with you! I too find it unsettling that in 2016, woman in the workplace still have to worry about our physical appearance being tied to our success, but studies show that, right or wrong, people judge you based on your appearance.

Recently in social  media there has been this #nomakeup going around in an effort for younger women and girls to realize that they can be beautiful just by being themselves and I fully support that! I did not start wearing make-up until I was in college. I don’t wear it because I need it, I wear it because I want to. Makeup is an art. It’s calming to me (much like doing my nails). I’m not as great as the gurus out there, but it’s amazing what you can create with a brush and some color. Maybe I subconsciously where it to work in order to feel powerful and in control or maybe I just want to show my creative side. Either way, I’ll keep putting my best foot forward, no matter what look I decide to go for that day.

Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “Why I Wear Make-Up”

  1. I think it’s an individual choice. I feel confident with or without it. It’s kind of fun playing around with make-up. It sounds like you are happy and positive no matter what as well. Good for you!

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