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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 7

Hi guy! I’m still trying to get my timing down. I seem to be consistent with being one day behind. But it’s only day 8 so maybe I’ll improve. πŸ™‚

Yesterday was such a long and crazy day. My day job was non-stop busy, to the point where I was running back and forth so much my knees were swollen by midday. Ugh! I even skipped the gym yesterday because I could not walk without a limp. That sucks! I did however, get to talk to my dad and baby siblings on Marco Polo. So exciting! They’re so cute and both of them lost the same tooth! I know they are twins, but do you lose the same tooth? Hmmm… I’m also really impressed that my dad is on Marco Polo. I think he loves seeing a recording of himself (lol)!

So, my challenge for Day 7 is to list 10 favorite foods. Not sure I have that many, but I’ll try…

  1. Fries – I mean any type of fries. Cheese, Parmesan, truffle – you name it, I want it!
  2. Popcorn – This was an easy one because I’m currently eating some as I write this. Butter or Kettle is my preference. Hot sauce on the butter is a bonus!
  3. Cheese Curds – I didn’t know what these were until I met my husband, but they are delightful little balls of fried cheese. Like Mozzarella sticks without the breading and with Wisconsin cheese – Yum!
  4. Spinach – This seems like it’s thrown in there compared to the first 3 fattening foods, but I generally enjoy spinach; on sandwiches, in salads, sauteed, steamed etc.
  5. Venison Steaks – (I’ve been in the Midwest too long already) My husband makes amazing venison steaks! I have no idea where or how he learned, but I love it!
  6. Queso and Salsa Dip – One of my favorite go-to snacks. I like the dip (with chips) individually, but it’s even better when you combine the two!
  7. Broccoli balls (!!!!!) – I’m not sure if this is the proper name, but my husband started making broccoli balls a few months ago and I’m obsessed. So much so that I’m going to upload the recipe for everyone. πŸ˜‰
  8. French Onion Soup – I have never really liked the sound of French Onion soup. My dad eats it when we go to restaurants, but I’ve never actually ordered it myself. One day I was out to lunch with a friend and I decided to order it as my meal…I’ve been hooked ever since!
  9. Guacamole – How could I forget this one? I love guacamole!
  10. TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright guys, Day 8 coming up next…

Thanks for stopping by! xo


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