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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Hi guys!

I know I JUST posted Day 7, but in an effort to stay on track I’m posting Day 8 as well. Luckily it’s an easy one. 😉 But first, if you read Day 7 you’ll see that Venison Steaks are  some of my favorite foods. Well, my husband decided to make them for me tonight and I’m so excited. But I forgot one thing; the best part about the flavor is all the pepper he puts on them…but for the 20 mins that they take to cook I sneeze – nonstop! So as I’m writing this I’m sneezing, sniffling, and trying to breathe…

So for Day 8 I have to post an old photo of me…Here it goes!

Oh yes! That is me, kneeling on the ground and the one kneeling on me…my twin cousin (lol) Initially I was going to crop the photo, but I know she reads my blog and I had to put her out there! 😉 haha! I believe we were 10 in this photo? Aren’t we so fashionable?? love this!

Sidenote: I’ve now eaten my venison steaks, the balcony door is open and I can breathe again!

Thanks for stopping by ! xo

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