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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10

Hi guys! It’s been such a long Saturday. It was hard to get up this morning. As tired as I was last night, my husband and I decided to push through and catch up on some shows; BoJack Horseman, Walking Dead and the Daily Show. Of course there were a few drinks that led to a few more…so it was a struggle to get started. But hey, if you can’t drink with your spouse at home who can you drink with?

Once I got going I decided I needed to be brave and get over my fears of driving in the snow. Life doesn’t stop here like it does in D.C. when it snows. I went out and got a few holiday decor. I’ll share pics when it’s all done and my place is clean lol. I also got a library card, my first MN library card! I have to say,  the driver’s here are very careful and that makes me more comfortable.

So, for my Day 10 I have to share my first celebrity crush. Wait for it…

Yup! My first celebrity crush was Johnny Depp in the movie Cry Baby. I’m pretty sure I still remember all the words. But even to this day, Johnny Depp will have a place in my heart! Thanks for all your great movies (and not so great ones) that allow me to oogle over you!

Thanks for stopping by! Xo

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