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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 11

Hi guys,

So I’m still pushing through. Trying to catch up. I will make it!! I’m on a break from my day job right now and I’m just not in the mood. You know how it’s just one of those days? I’m mentally tired. Not really sleepy or anything. Just not motivated. But hey, I’m here so I’m keeping on.

So day 11 says to state my proudest moment. This one I actually thought long and hard about. Not because I don’t have any proud moments, but how do you think of a proudest moment? Is it getting a degree? Landing that awesome job? Paying off bills? Squatting your first 100 lbs? I didn’t feel like any of these were worth really mentioning so I started to think outside the box.

I mentioned before about how many siblings I have. I love all of them so incredibly much, but because we are a blended family not everyone is as close as I would like. Family to me means the world and there are no substitutions. We all have family that we don’t speak to, we fight with, we talk bad about…it’s almost natural, especially in really big, blended families. I have always wanted to have all my siblings together, talking, getting to know one another more, but the chances of that happening seemed so slim…until my wedding day.

Naturally, for my wedding I’m going to invite all of my siblings, but did I think they would all be there? Not so much. Once the responses started to roll in, my hopes of having everyone there grew bigger and bigger. When the day came, and all of my siblings were together; talking, laughing, sharing stories etc., my heart melted. I was so proud, not at myself, but of them. They showed up, they put aside differences, they made stronger connections…even now I’m tearing up thinking of all the love that surrounded us. You know you hear stories about how people come together only at funerals. It’s sad because it took someone to pass away before we could all see each other again. But this, this was beautiful. It may be a little hard to understand why it means so much if you’re not up to speed on my family dynamic and that’s okay. I understand that this might go over a few heads, but I have never been more proud of my family than when we all came together in November of 2015.

More coming soon…Thanks for stopping by!


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