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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12

Hi guys,

So if you read the last few posts you know I’m pushing these out in one day in my efforts to “catch up”. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit so I’m counting on making my daily posting a habit… starting this month! Still on my work break…trying not to close my eyes so here we go…this should be short and sweet…

Day 12 says: If I won the lottery…

Easy…I’d pay off all my bills! Ha! These student loans are not going away anytime soon. Of course I would pay off my husbands bills too. Then I would fully invest my time on event planning (it’s not like I would need my day job) and get Splendour out in the public. I wouldn’t stop “working” I would just go after what I absolutely love at a faster pace! Eventually, maybe even without winning the lottery, I would settle in Spain and open a fresh flower shop. At the end of each day I would take the leftover flowers and put arrangements at the doorsteps of the neighborhood for them to find in the morning…

Thanks for stopping by!

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