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Birthday Weekend!!!!

Hi guys!

I’m not even going to explain why I haven’t posted. No more excuses, I’ll just keep posting when I can. BUT, for right now, I wanted to share that it is officially my birthday weekend!! I’m super excited to be going to the colts game and hanging out with my friends. But on top of everything that I’m doing, my wonderful, amazing husband organized the greatest birthday present of all…my brother surprised me at the airport!! My husband and I have this thing where we like to go watch the planes take off and land. We used to do it all the time in D.C. So for my birthday he said he wanted to go do the same thing here. Nothing to it right? We got to the airport and my husband wanted me to go in and ask someone where we can park to view the planes. So I go in and I’m looking around and can’t find anyone. All of a sudden, I start to walk back out and my brother comes up…I literally screamed!! I was so confused about what was happening. I cried my make-up off! LOL What got me even more is that they have been planning this for so long. My brother is coming to the game with us and we bought tickets so long ago!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love this weekend. So excited and can’t wait for how amazing tomorrow will be. I’ll keep you all posted!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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