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Welcome to 2017 – My Self Discovery…

Hi guys!

I am so excited…

…For the new year and all of the possibilities. In my last few posts I was doing a 31 Day Blog Challenge. It (almost) makes me sad to say, but I failed. I say almost, because I don’t feel bad about it and I did learn things in the process. One of them being that maybe it’s not smart to try and do a 31 Day Blog Challenge during your busiest month. The other – is a little more in-depth. While I was taking time off from writing and figuring out (again) where I want to seriously take my blog, I came across a post from a woman that I subscribe to. It caught my attention because it referenced tips that successful bloggers don’t share. The very first tip took me aback because it stated that  everyone is not meant to blog. I kept reading and it hit home with me. It spoke about how you should have a goal, a plan that will get you to that goal and then stick with it. The message seems so simple, but it finally turned on a light for me. Now, the overall message was really about having your blog as a business and I’m not quite ready for my blog to become my full time business, but the effort should  be the same. It caused me to take a step back and assess what I was putting out; who is my audience, what message am I trying to get across, how often do I want to communicate.


Something happened along the way…

A switch maybe? When you realize one day that you’re an adult. I don’t mean the paying bills and going to a job kind of adult. I mean you’re mind set, your goals, your aspirations. When the gossiping is overrated, the negativity is disgusting and you realize that you might have to leave behind those who are not on the same path as you are. It’s a sad reality, yet comforting and exciting to know that you have the power to be who and what you want. Whatever complacency you had before, goes out the window and it’s so incredibly liberating.

A few weeks ago…

…I woke up and laid in bed thinking – I am so overwhelmingly happy. So blessed, so loved – and I know that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. I realized that there’s a purpose and a destiny that we all have to fill and we can only do that by being the best version of ourselves. No more being afraid of the light. For me, that starts with a few things; fully committing to my blog, my business and becoming an active member of my (new) community.

Let’s build! What are some of your 2017 revelations and discoveries?

**I’ve updated my past blogs, contact page and Introduction. Check it out, leave a comment!**

Thanks for stopping by!

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