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Currently Reading: Successful People Make Things

"Create Or Hate: Successful People Make Things" by Dan Norris - "Timing is a huge factor that is rarely acknowledged and can often be the difference between complete failure and monumental success. What a person starts with, who their friends are, and what they have access to are all factors that determine success." Start reading… Continue reading Currently Reading: Successful People Make Things

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Moving On (STILL counting my blessings)!

Hi guys, Happy Spring! Minnesota has been having great weather today. I can't wait until it's warm enough to get out on the water. Let's be honest, that's the main reason I agreed to move here anyways! 😉 I shared in my last post some health/family concerns that I've been dealing with for the last month. My… Continue reading Moving On (STILL counting my blessings)!

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Confessions of a Wife #53

There's always something to do in the home. Laundry, dishes, cleaning etc. When we're home together I spend the first 15-30 mins tidying up so there's not much to do on the weekends. But when he's working the night shift, I do absolutely nothing when I get home. Clothes off (the way he does it),… Continue reading Confessions of a Wife #53