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Currently Reading: Successful People Make Things

"Create Or Hate: Successful People Make Things" by Dan Norris - "Timing is a huge factor that is rarely acknowledged and can often be the difference between complete failure and monumental success. What a person starts with, who their friends are, and what they have access to are all factors that determine success." Start reading… Continue reading Currently Reading: Successful People Make Things

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Birthday Weekend!!!!

Hi guys! I'm not even going to explain why I haven't posted. No more excuses, I'll just keep posting when I can. BUT, for right now, I wanted to share that it is officially my birthday weekend!! I'm super excited to be going to the colts game and hanging out with my friends. But on top… Continue reading Birthday Weekend!!!!

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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12

Hi guys, So if you read the last few posts you know I'm pushing these out in one day in my efforts to "catch up". They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit so I'm counting on making my daily posting a habit... starting this month! Still on my work break...trying not to… Continue reading 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 12