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31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

I'm so glad it's FRIDAY!!!! No, I don't have any plans. I just want to sleep! Well maybe sleep and hop into my pj's and drink some wine and watch some movies and catch up on get the point! This week has just been so long and exhausting. Could it be from staying up… Continue reading 31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 9

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New Nail Venture/Big Announcement Coming Soon!

Hi guys! Man oh man have I had a crazy two weeks. First I want to apologize for having to put my Tuesday tips on pause. A lot happened and I will be making a few announcements in upcoming posts. I will be continuing my Tuesday tips throughout the month of August. But for now, I… Continue reading New Nail Venture/Big Announcement Coming Soon!

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All about Nails…Picture Post!

Alright ladies, let's talk nails! I haven't received a professional  manicure (aside from my wedding) in years! (my toes however, are a different story) So why haven't I visited the nail salon? I do them myself! I splurge on a new nail polish color about twice a month and with some really inexpensive nail tools… Continue reading All about Nails…Picture Post!

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Memorial Day Plans

*Updated Information Alright so on this three day weekend I pretty much talked my boyfriend into doing various activities. One of these is to have a picnic on the national mall (romantic right?) Well not if it's going to rain and be cold all weekend! Ugh..what kind of spring is this anyways? Okay so during… Continue reading Memorial Day Plans