Welcome To My World!

Hello all!

I started this blog three years ago and…wait, before you say anything, let me guess what you’re thinking. “This is all you’ve accomplished here in three years?” I’m thinking the same thing. So let me explain. I started this blog three years ago and wanted to talk about any and everything. I just had this urge to write. So I finally did it.I took a plunge and created this beautiful site. I made a few entries here and there. I was on it! But then, my mind wondered – as it often does – and I was debating whether or not I wanted to take this blog on a new path. Specifically, towards the political realm. Now, a little background, my father has his digital corner of the world and I assume that’s where I get my passion. We’ve always been this writing family and very into politics, sometimes overly opinionated. So I was torn. I took a break while I waited for the calling to hit. Little did I know it would take THREE YEARS to hit me again. I just woke up one day (maybe not necessarily right away) and thought, “why would I want lipstick battles to go political”? I’m sure I’ll throw something in here and there, but I wanted this to be day to day situations that women go through, struggle with, succeed with. There are enough political commentators in the world. I’ll leave that to the pros! So here we are. Starting what I call a


Let’s talk about the name. Lipstick battles is a play on the femininity of women and the struggles we go through to maintain our image while asserting our strength. I feel as women we wear so many hats and take on so many roles, so many battles, all while maintaining our glamour! It’s a gift really. And a curse I guess, but I like to see the glass as half full.

About me: I’m 31 years old, married to my best friend  and recently moved to St. Paul, Minnesota; a transplant is what I’ve been called. My husband and I moved to MN about 3 months ago from the Washington D.C. area. He’s originally from MN and always had the dream of moving back. When we outlined our lives and took a snapshot of what we wanted our future to look like, unfortunately that did not involve staying in the D.C. area. The choices we were faced with did not appeal to us, so we decided to relocate now before we started growing our family.

So just 10 months after the best day of our lives (our wedding day), with the help of our families, we packed up and drove to the mid-west. The decision is so bitter sweet. It was the hardest thing we had to do; leave our family, friends, jobs, community…but everyone was so incredibly supportive and have kept in contact to ensure our relationships stay strong. I will forever be grateful to everyone who aided us in our decision to move.

My husband supports me 100% on this blog and wants me to succeed. He’s often the driving force on topics and ideas. I’m so blessed to have him.


So come on this journey with me to explore all things women (and some for the men)….and please tell me what you think. I’m still a newbie! Thanks for stopping by.

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